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@tomleslie The assignment was given to me yesterday and it was due today, so it is somewhat hard to learn any type of coding overnight. I tried the best I could to look up how to start these procedures, but the "Help" pages in Maple are not that straightforward to someone who has literally never done anything like this before (at least they were not to me). I wasn't expecting anyone to just give me the code and do my homework for me, but point me in the general direction and point out some of the approaches or directions I could take.


Your first point is exactly what I meant, I did not know and did not read in any of the help pages that you cannot do the intersection of two lists, so I appreciate the fact that you pointed out. 


But I do apologize if it came across as though I was asking anyone to just do my homework for me. It's just a somewhat overwhelming amount of material to try to learn in the matter of 24 hours so I was looking for the "Maple for Dummies" explanation fromeveryone here

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