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Hello each and everyone,

I am still not able to install/update the Physics package and this since version 713.

I think the phenomenom happens when Maple 2020 was updated to version 2020.1

The 2 ways fail :

1) Physics:-Version(latest)  ==> kernel crashes (lost connection)

2) via the Cloud : it's even worse... "installation" lasts forever (i usually break it after 15 (!) minutes)

I removed totally Maple 2020.1 and reinstalled it, the problem is still there.

I wonder when Maplesoft developpers will fix this problem whitch has been around for a long time now.

I do *not* want to do it by hand as one of this forum contributor suggested me a while ago.

I use the Physics paxkage intensively so i'm hampered in my work.

Kind regards to all.


I'm really fed up with installing the Physics package!

My install directory of Maple is C:\Maths\Maple

I don't want to do it manually each time a new Physics Package is installed.

"C:\Maths\Maple\lib", "C:\Users\jm\maple\toolbox\GRTensorIII\lib"

The "Physics Updates" version "717" is installed but is not

   active. The active version of Physics is within the library

   C:\Maths\Maple\lib\maple.mla, created 2020, March 5, 2:36 hours

Please software developpers at Maplesoft do something...Before rel 713 everything was OK.

Thank you and kind regards to each and every one.


Hello all ,

It's been years and years that I have been using Maple (since Maple V.2 in 1992 if my memory is still

correct. Now we are at Maple 2020 and the brilliant scientific library GMP is still in Maple at version



The relatively new GMP is 6.2.0 :

I wonder if in a not too far version of Maple we could have GMP updated. It is really an impressive mathematical library alongside with GSL.

Voilà !


Kind regards to all,




Hello All,

(I also sent this fact to Maplesoft Support).

Since I updayed to 2016.1 the F1 key does bring a menu witch send to..F5 only.

No way to have a "full" Help Menu.(See the attached file)

I guess a silly bug jumped in :)

Kind regards,





The last ten posts I see are spam!

Isn't it possible to stop them from spaming this Forum?




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