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@acer  Thanks for your help~=]]

@Carl Love  Thanks for your help~


Error in Component button with caption "Button":

(in unknown) incorrect syntax in parse: missing operator or

`;` (near 10th character of parsed string)

@Carl Love  

It's work~ Thanks a lot~=]]





@Carl Love Thank you~=]]

@tomleslie Thank you~=]]

@Carl Love Thank you~xD

@Konstantin@ Thank you~=]]

@Carl Love Thank you very much~=]]

@Kitonum Thank you very much~xD

@Markiyan Hirnyk Thank you very much~=]]

@Christopher2222 Thanks for ur help~xD

@vv Thank you very much~xD

@Carl Love Thank you very much~=]]

@Carl Love  Thanks for your help again~ i need both ~ 
l11 is for word length, now i need to add a number to every term..

Thanks a lot for your help ~xD

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