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@nm Many thanks, I will try this.  Did you happen to know of a command that can find the distance from the origin of a path to the closest point if I plotted an orbit over several revolutions?

@Rouben Rostamian  


Apologies, I should have clarified.  I have the following PDE:

pde := diff(u(x,y,z),x,x) + a*diff(u(x,y,z),y,y) + b*diff(u(x,y,z),x,z) + c*diff(u(x,y,z),y,z)= 0;

I then have a function which is a sum of several other functions whose arguments are particular combinations of the variables x,y and z:

u(x,y,z):=f(x-2*y+z) + g(2*x-y-2*z) + h(x-y+z);

I am attempting to find values for a, b and c such that u(x,y,z) satisfies the PDE.



@dharr  Yeah, that works perfectly, thanks a lot!

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