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How can I use maple and separation of variables ,solve the wave equation utt=uxx for a string of lengh 4 with u(x,0)=sin (Pi/2 x) e-x . ut(x,0)=0.u(0,t)=0 and u(4,t)=0.

What is the weak solution integral equation for 

du(x)/dx2 -(1+x2 ) u(x)-1=0

How can I use separation of variable to solve heat equation ut=uxx on a rod of length pi/4 with u(0,t)=0, u(pi/4)=0 and u(x,0)=x(pi/4-x) 

then solve heat equation by laplace transform

How can I solve x^2 on -Pi..Pi and to evaluate this at x= Pi to prove that Sum(1/n^2, n= 1..infinity) = Pi^2/6.


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