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Hi. I am creating a costum step and i did this


I have made a costum component and when i simulate i get results but i get a message saying defunct_override_warning

What does it means? Why do i get this error?




I am aplying a simple energie balance with some simplification, and i am implementing it on maplesim.

The component has the following equations:

Am i missing something? Do i need any aditional equation to maplesim know to where should the fluid be moving when Qjacto is positive or negative? Why do i have...


I am trying to perform a simple model of the entrainment of air in a jet by aplying energy emand momentum balances to the injector and flute. But i am having doubts on how to prescribe pressure on a point. This is the equations of the component Injector:

In the component porti...

Hi, i´m trying to understand how does maplesim simulate a model with differential equatyions and on maplesim help i found this:


"Numeric Integration and Event Handling

During numeric solving (or "integration"), inequality conditions that are part of the model
are monitored and an event is triggered when one or more of these conditions change.
Whenever such an event is encountered, the numeric solver is stopped and the simulation

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