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It looks like your output display is set to Maple Notation.

To fix, go to Tools > Options > Display > Output display > select "2-D Math Notation"

[moderator: And then press the "Apply Globally" button.]

This has been fixed for Maple 2022, expected to be released in March

Looks like a refresh problem.

As a workaround, try opening another document and then go back to your document.  It should fix itself.

Have you tried updating to Maple 2020.2? In the menu, Help > About will display your version. Or Tools > Check For Updates...

The point release included fixes for PDF export.



Yes, this is a bug.  A workaround is to use the toolbar buttons ! or !!! to execute.

Apple has information on converting your Numbers file to Excel format: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT205391


Which version of Maple 2018 are you using?

Have you tried the latest update? See https://www.mapleprimes.com/posts/209898-Maple-And-MapleSim-201821-Updates

I've just tried this in our current development version, and am happy to report that this has already been fixed for the next release of Maple 2018.


The default is to paste as text.

Try selecting the output, right click and Copy Special>Copy as image, to paste an image of the equation.



This is a bug that should be addressed in a future release.

For now, try selecting a larger area to delete. Or use Edit>Remove Output>FromWorksheet.



This is a Java bug on Windows with high dpi monitors:


The good news is that it will be fixed in a newer release of Java.The bad news is that I don't know of any workaround you can use today.


Right click in your palette area (left side of Maple window) then choose Show Palette>MapleCloud

To upload, you first need to log in with your MaplePrimes account or Google account:


Then click the upload button in lower left of palette  and choose the private group



HTML tags can be used in many of the embedded components, unfortunately the text area isn't one of them.

For example, you can set the caption of a label component to "<html><font color=blue>hello</font></html>"



You could also try Smart Popups, which appear after you select output.

For example, enter x^2-2x+2

1. Click anywhere in the output to select it all.

2. Wait a few seconds, a popup appears with a 2D Plot option.

3. Hover over 2D Plot to see a larger preview, or click to insert the plot.




You could also try smart pop-ups, available since Maple 16.

Enter sin(x) + cos(x) and execute. Click on the "+" in the output to select the whole expression. When the popup appears, hover over the trig identities and click to select. The result will be inserted into the document.


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