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Thanks. That helps me understand what's happening better. Lee
Thanks, Roman. It seems to be a commonly accepted practice for Maple, then. I did not expect it. I tried out some cases. simplify(x^2-x^2.); gives 0 gcd and normal didn't do it. gcd(x^2-y^2,x^3-y^3); gives x-y but gcd(x^2.-y^2,x^3-y^3); gives 1 normal( x^2.-(x+1)*(x-1)-1 ); gives x^2.-x^2 which then simplifies to 0 Lee
Sorry, Axel, I don't follow the procedure. It does give a similar value in magnitude. 10652.94348 compared to -10650.94348 Lee
Thanks, Alex. Do you see a problem with using the int(f,-10..x) syntax compared to int(f(z),z=-10..x)? I switched to this style of entry do to an input error on this: >f:=z->fsolve(y/(1.+(-0.5*y)^0.8)=z,y); >int(f(z),z=-10..-1); Maple says "Error, (in fsolve) z is in the equation, and is not solved for I tried the RootOf recommendation for g(x). It gives the same answer as fsolve for some entries. The plot does look different but it is because of a smaller range in the x-axis values. Lee
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