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To observe the nip impact of the Variable Nip Roller, we created the following schematic and simulation. I set the y-coordinate of the Web to be the same, so I don't think there is a big problem for the Variable Nip Roller to simulate the nip. However, the simulation does not simulate with the warning "Nip is not on the contact arc". What is the reason for this and how can I set the nip arc again?


This is a Tension Zone, an example of web handling.



The example probe on Roller1 shows various probe items, such as summary_WrapAngle and summary_Slipvelocity, but the ex_probe I attached to the same roller shows only four probe items: angle, angular velocity, angular acceleration, and torque. Why are the items different even though they are probes on the same roller?

I want to know the change of the web during the web handling process, so I attached the probe, and it shows the checkboxes to observe the velocity and tension values as shown in the picture, but there are 3 additional checkboxes like Force - T2 / real - e / real - e2, what does this mean?


How can a variable roller ensure that the nip is within the arc of contact between the web and the roller? Every time I run the simulation, it keeps failing.



I know that I can have Websource and WebSink at the beginning and end of the web. However, when the roller is set to a variable roller, the following error occurs when connecting the websource and websink. I would like to know why the error occurs and what I should do.

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