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@Thomas Richard  Thank you again for your answer. By following the command that you provided, I have gone through all the steps before the last step of the installation of Maple in Linux, but in the last step "Activate Maple 2020 now (requires an Internet connection). [Y/n]: ", I typed "Y" and hit Enter. However, the cursor keeps flashing but it does not show any sign of finishing, although I have waited for a long time. So how to finish the last step? Thanks a lot.

@Thomas Richard Thank you for your answer. But just wondering if one does not install the Linux version of Maple in Linux, how can one successfully and full-functionally use the package including its all files here Thanks a lot.

@Joe Riel Thank you for your answer. But the main issue I have been having is that when I use the package in Maple, it always says "Error, unable to read `../../`". So how to use the procedure, program, or function in the  .mm file in Maple? Many thanks.

@Carl Love  Thank you for your comment. For example, here is a .mm file:  Thanks.

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