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@acer Thankyou
One question just for clarity why are we using digits and what determines its range.

@acer Thanks for reply. I have copied same command for t2 but i am not getting solution.
pls check

@tomleslie attaching the sheet with question in it.

@Christopher2222 both are not working.

I am attaching the

I want to get t1 in the form of i, where root of equation g1 is positive.
Note : range of i is from 0 to 0.79 and t1>=0.

Similarly for t2 in equation g2.
attaching the file

Is it possible to know the positive and negative root of a equation? If yes how can we fetch positive root equation? The equation are a1 and a2. I am attaching the file.

Note: All parameters in equation a1 and a2 are positive and >=0.

if values of parameters in the equation is needed to know the positive and negative root please let me know.

Is it possible to display values on 3d graph for particular axis values or by moving the cursor on graph.
I am attaching the sheet

@tomleslie sorry my mistake but is it possible to find range of i where g2 is not complex?

Is it possible to find the range of decision variables (i and q) where function(g2) is not complex?
I am attaching the file.

Also is there any code/format in maple such that function g2 is clear and readable.

@mmcdara Thanks for answer. If we again want to integerate the sol (with limit is it possible using maple. I am attaching the image of integeration and its answer.

@acer I am finding difficulty in optimizing the objective function with an additional term. I am attaching both files the earlier solved one and the later which shows error while solving. Please help.

Decision variable for both file are i and q.

Solved file :

Unsolved file (Finding error while solving):                          (All questions are marked in yellow box)

Pls help to resolve it. Thankyou.

@acer Is it able to possible to change g1 and g2 in readable format, Currently i cant read exactly which variable is multiplied with which one or divided with which one.
I am attaching the file below

@Carl Love Thanks for reply. 

I have substituted g1 and g2 and i have done all calculations. Now i am stuck with Solving the equation with Maximizing objective function (TBCI), for the decision variable i and q. I have marked yellow in the sheet where i encounter error. Can you please check whether i have made correct substitution and tell me where i went wrong. Thankyou

Attaching sheet

@acer Ok. Thankyou

@acerThankyou for reply.  From graph that you generated we can see that maximum occurs at value of i less than 0.799. But the Maximize function gives the value of i as 0.7999. How can that be possible?

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