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@Carl Love Thankyou. I need 1 more help is it possible to get results generated from loop inside a table? If yes how to do it?

I have a nonlinear function TP(Sr,y) and I'd like to get the optimum (Sr*,y*) for different values of g (g varies from 0 to 1). The usual sintax:

S := NLPSolve(TP, y = 0 .. 900, Sr = 0 .. 900, initialpoint = {Sr = 100, y = 100}, maximize) does not work. It shows "Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) non-numeric result encountered"

I'd appreciate very much if you could help me. I am attaching the sheet

Please help!!

@Carl Love Please help me to find optimum value of y and

@Carl Love  D(g,Sr)= D0 + a*g-b*Sr
Where a and b are coefficient which are constant. 

the fixed demand of the consumer is denoted by D0.
The greening degree (g) of the product is assumed to have a binary
choice in terms of green investment (Igi), i.e., each firm has a binary
choice to adopt greening degree and associated green investment.
g=              {        i = 1, the green investment (Ig1)is enabled
                           i = 0, the green investment (Ig0) is disabled


I'm trying solve the  problem with NLPSolve , but it say: Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) unexpected parameters: D(g, Sr) = 300 .. 2000. What is the procedure to get optimum value for the function ? and also help me to plot 3D graph as for the TOTP(g,Sr) function as given below. I am attaching my worksheet here  Thanks!


@acer  Thankyou sir for your assistance

What i mean is Demand (D)  is the function of g and Sr, denoted as D(g,Sr). But in my worksheet which i have attached i have taken Demand = D. I am unable to write it as D(g,Sr). So by which when you take first derivative of TOTP Function with respect to Sr it shows Zero as given below. So by which hessian matrix value where we are differentiating TOTP Function two times show zero.


diff(D, Sr);
diff(D(g, Sr), Sr);

What i actually want is d D(g,Sr)/d Sr form, that is in partial differentiation form.

How should I write demand function as D(g,Sr)??

D is a function of Sr and g, So how to assign that as variable in the above model. D is demand which is function of g and Sr (like D(g,Sr)). But we don,t know how g and Sr are related to D? In that case how to write that variable?

What is the procedure to find optimum solution using NLPsolver? Help to find value of Sr and y such that function value given above is maximum and optimum. I am attaching the worksheet below.

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