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I'd like to plot row[i] of M_jk (left axis) vs. row[i] of M_ki (right axis). i is the x axis, and varies discretely from 1 to 10 (number of runs). See attached screenshot below for details. My result is off in terms of values... How to fix my plot command?

Here attached is my script. The execution of the worksheet gets stuck at the MatrixInverse(M) step. What do you suggest in order to speed up the computation?

As you can see, my matrix M is a 3x3 symmetric matrix, but quite convoluted. Eventually, I need to multiply the resulting inverse by another (row) vector.

Thank you for looking into this!


I have a nonlinear system of 12 SYMBOLIC equations in 6 variables. I am using solve() but it's taking me ages and will probably return the "Kernel connection has been lost" error after a half-day/ a day.

How do I solve it? Is it even possible to solve it? Is there a way to solve it approximately?


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