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Hello I'm Dhimas, a Mathematician Which Focuses on Creating Art From Graph of Equation in Cartesian Space and Plane. Thank you for watching

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@Carl Love For me it's much easier and simpler to create 2D and 3D Graph Equation in the form of Implicit Equation, especially for the movement (animation) such as x2+y2+z2=5 (sphere) and the movement along x axis is (x-a)2+y2+z2=5, with a=-10..10, rather than using Parametric surface Equation to create 3D objects.

And more important that i want to create and express work of art in the form of Graph Equation

@vv Your Apple is Parametric Surface Equation right? 

My Apple is Implicit Equation

@sand15 I dont have the paper beacuse I create the equation in my spare time as a hobby, and I didn't publish it in the journal, do you have suggestion what kind of journal that have scope of my material.


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