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I have a differential that I'm solving using rk4 on maple and I want to plot the resaulting points in an interval. How do I do that?

here is what I've already done:

> f := {y(0) = 0, diff(y(x), x) = cos(5*y(x))-x};

> p := dsolve(f, y(x), numeric, method = classical[rk4], stepsize = .1);
proc(x_classical)  ...  end;

> for i from 0 by .1 to 3 do p(i) end do;

I recently purchased maple 15 and I'm using it on my desktop computer. I would like to also have it on my laptop so I can use it at school as well. Is there any way, that I can use the same code on both of my computers or I have to uninstall from one and install it on the other?

All helps are appriciated :) Thanks

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