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You could try type/oddfunc. Please see ?type/evenfunc.

Hope this helps


J. Tarr

Perhaps you could modify your loop so that the eigenvalues are stored as columns in a Matrix or Array. You could then export the Matrix/Array as a text file. Hope this helps. J. Tarr
Up to Maple 9, Georgious's method above worked fine with MS Word 97. Unfortunately, introducing document mode in Maple 10 and 11 seems to have ruined that. I would very much like to see big improvements to Maple's capability in exporting to MS Word, and other big word processor programs, and to LaTex. After all, they're built to produce presentation quality documents, while Maple is built to do math. It seems a waste of Maplesoft's time and resources to try to build it's own document mode, when it could use the work of the experts. J. Tarr
You might find what you need in the Graph package. Take a look at ?GraphTheory[Graph],?GraphTheory[SpecialGraphs][TetrahedronGraph], and ?GraphTheory[HighlightEdges] Hope this helps. J. Tarr
If you read what Robert Israel wrote in response to your worksheet containing Eq15 and Eq16, you will see that he suggested changing Eq16 and that fsolve then gave these values beta = 4.491817834, k = .1703382973. Hope this helps. J. Tarr
The expression for fsquared2(x) is the same as that for fsquared(x) if one substitutes cos(2*m*Pi*x/L)=1-2*sin(m*Pi*x/L)^2. Or, have I misunderstood? J. Tarr
Harriet, Welcome to Maple and MaplePrimes. There is a ready made procedure in Maple for the Trapezoidal Rule. Please enter ?Student,Calculus1,ApproximateInt at the command prompt and this will take you to the help page for approximate integration. At the bottom of the page click on the link for Trapezoidal Rule and the help page will open. This includes some examples which should show you how to use the Rule. Hope this is what you want. J. Tarr
It is precisely for these reasons that I would like to see a Thesaurus added to Maple's tool bar in much the same way as there's a Thesaurus in a word processor. I believe that this could overcome the problems inherent in the present help system where new pages (usually) reference older help pages, but not vice-versa. J. Tarr
Please see ?NonlinearFit third paragraph under Description which explains the method of fitting. The third paragraph under Options explains how to access many of the fit statistics. If you want to access them all, choose output=solutionmodule, for details please follow the link Statistics/Regression/Solution under Options. Please see also the second example on the help page ?LinearFit which illustrates use of the solutionmodule. Hope this helps. J. Tarr
Steven, Welcome to Maple and MaplePrimes. You nearly got it right, but your try could be improved upon like this: restart; eq :=rho=L/(R*A); L:=1; R:=1; A:=1; solve(eq,{rho}); Note that values are assigned to L, R and A and note also the curly brackets around rho. Please see the help page for solve,details. You could also do something like this; restart; eq1 :=rho=L/(R*A); eq2 := L=1; eq3 := R=1; eq4 := A=1; solve({eq1,eq2,eq3,eq4}); Hope this helps. J. Tarr
What seems to have happened is that you entered the first expression, then chose View>Collapse Document Block and finally pressed Enter. With the second, you entered the expression, then pressed Enter. The actions were not quite identical and produced different results. Try View>Expand Document Block with the first expression, press Enter and finally View>Collapse Document Block. Most experienced Maple users avoid using document mode. I strongly advise you to do the same. J. Tarr
You could try something like this: restart; e1 := a^2+2*a*b+b^2; factor(e1); e2 := a^3+3*a^2*b+3*a*b^2+b^3; factor(e2); Hope this gives you a different slant on the problem. It often helps to try other related commands such as collect, expand, normal, combine, sort. J. Tarr
Don't know about evaluation versions, but you could try Tools>Options>Interface>Default Format for new worksheets>Worksheet and click Apply Globally. Alternatively try File>New>Worksheet mode from the toolbar. Hope this helps. J. Tarr
Scott was dead right to plot the function before attempting to find the extrema. For example, extrema, infimum, minimize, Student[Calculus1](ExtremePoints) at best find only one extremum for this expression, though the plot between 0 and 4*Pi reveals many: sin(x) + sin(2*x) + sin(Pi*x) There are sure to be many other functions that defy these commands. J. Tarr
If you enter ?NewtonsMethod,Task at the prompt, the Task will open in a window. Click "Default content" and "insert into a new worksheet" and then insert the details of your function in the worksheet that opens. Hope this helps. J. Tarr
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