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@Carl Love 

Yes ,you are absolutey right,Mathematica can't also expand derivatives.

Form here:

we see that for: a parameter first derivative does not exist a closed-form solution.


In Mathematica 12.1 HypergeometricU[1, 1, x] is the same as KummerU(1,1,x) in Maple.



If you want save files *.mws to hard drive then: right click and save target as:

With complicated function probably only hope to get answer is use evalf(Int).


and aac,opus format.

@Thomas Dean 

Code not work's for 2 variable?


See attached file.


Maple can't solve PDE with numerics.


When will we see the version 12.1 ?

Mathematica have only up to 2*10^14.


For first question:

You have 6  conditions:

1. f3(0,t)=-exp(-2*t)

2. f4(x,0)=exp(-3*x)*cos(2*Pi*x)

3. f1(x,3)=0

4. f1(3,t)=0

5. f2(x,3)=0

6. f2(3,t)=0

and we have a  5 constants,one condition is too much.

For second question:

No,is not true and not allowed.

Regards M.I


I don't know the answer to your question. I'm just a regular user, not a MAPLE developer.


With corrected syntax I able to solve integral with Maple.

See attached file.


eval(FR, [a = 0, b = 2, k = 2, l = 2]) # is Zero not TRUE ?

int(eval(sqrt(1 + k^2*Pi^2*cos(Pi*x/l)^2/l^2), [l = 2, k = 2]), x = 0 .. 2, numeric)#4.609785323 OK.

You Can optimize gif so that the file would take up smaller capacity.

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