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I am surprised that these errors are also happening under OS 10.3. This is the email I received from technical support which led me to believe, that Maple under OS 10.3 was stable, but apparently, I assumed too much. On Nov 7, 2005, at 12:28 PM, Maplesoft Technical Support wrote: > Dear Matt Whiteside, > > Can you give us some exact processes that are causing these problems? > The error log that you copied appears to be created from a check > update > process, which I do not think is suggested for Macs. The preferred > way > of updating Maple on Macs is using the download from our website. > > Any indication as to what is causing these errors will be helpful > since > Maple 10 on OS 10.4 is still going trough testing and isn't officially > supported yet. > > Sincerely, > > Technical Support Department > Maplesoft
I have experienced the same problems with Maple under Mac OS X. At one point I emailed technical support, and they told me that maple wasn't officially supported under OS 10.4, only 10.3, so if you are running 10.4, this could explain the bugginess.
I tried attaching a file image, but that was too large, so I posted a screenshot of the behavior I was talking about on this web page: Maple Screenshot
I'm not seeing any result when I hit the tab key. Which OS and version of Maple are you running? I have Auto-completion enabled in the preferences, and I noticed that it does work when I'm entering things in the old Maple-notation, but it doesn't do anything when I'm in the Math 2D mode, which is he only thing I really use.
Yeah I think maple should automatically simplify this. Because when I see et2 I read it to mean exp(t^2) , but what maple means is (exp(t))^2= exp(2t), and I think this is easy to misread if you're not looking for it.
I downloaded the file you recommended and this solved the problem. The "crimson.jar" file needs to be put in the following directory, or at least this is what worked in my case: /Library/Frameworks/Maple.Framework/Versions/10/java Thanks!
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