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I understand that matlab has function 'rfwrite' to generate touchstone file. This is a datafile used for high frequency modeling.

Is there any such package in Maple?



I have a need to calculate base 2 math as would be done in an integrated circuit. Math will be done using 15 bit 2's complement mantissa and 8 bit exponent. (the exponent is always assumed to be negative) We need to perform multiplication and addition, where each internal operation is represented by such a number.

The goal is to best represent the errors associated with such calculations and export the resulting code to a hardware description language for implementation on an integrated circuit.

Is there a package in Maple that can do that? Any advice on how te proceed?

I have a question that I hope someone can help with. We perform extreme value analysis on expressions. My this I mean that we evaluate expressions for each combination of min or max values of each variable in the expression. For example, the expression a*b+c*d has 4 variables and we would evaluate the expression for all of the 16 combinations of a,b,c, and d to determine the worst-case result. I understand that the worst case results may not occur at the extreme values of the variables, but that is a different question.

 What I would like to know is if there is a way to reduce the number of calculations by splitting the expression into independent parts. In the example above, the expression consists of 2 parts a*b and c*d. These parts could be evaluated separately. Each has 2 variables, and each would therefore requires  4 combinations of variables to determine the extreme values of the results. So in this case, the number of calculations is 4+4=8, which is half of the initial 16  runs as would be done with a full-factorial analysis. Also, because each calculation is done on only part of the original expression, each calculation takes less time.

Is there a way to find the independent parts of an arbitrary expression so that each independent part could be evaluated separately to speed processing?


I'm reading a string from a textbox, and I need to know where the line breaks are. Hint:They are not found by searching for \n.

I have some X-Y data, and I would like to calculate a definate integral of the data. In this case x_data and y_data are vectors.

I tried this method.


But when I try to calculate an integral like this, I get an error.

int(y, x0..x1)

Error, (in int) operator y cannot be evaluated at one variable.

What is this error trying to tell me? I have tested by function y for values x1 and x2. My data is smooth and includes x1 and x2. I have no reason to believe that the function cannot be evaluated for any value of x. 

Is there another (better) way to do what I want? This is a part of a large worksheet that reads data from an excel file, and I don't know how to reduce the worksheet for only this problem.


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