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Can someone please elaborate what are the updates to the new maple workbook and other enhancements?


Would it not benefit people if we know what is added or fixed in this patch.



@Christopher2222 Thanks you

@Carl Love Thank you i forgot to clear the last result variables.

but something is still wrong i am using your but am not getting the same result.

the last line still shows the same bytes being allocated inotherwords, the array A is not being garbage collected.

Which version of maple are you using? 

Before anyone says gc is freeing memory for maple to reuse instead of returning to os, but this is not the case since after performing gc and running the rest of the code maple keep on asking for more memory eventually my humble 4GB Ram is insufficient to do the computation and kernel connection is lost or pc starts hanging.

I still cannot figure since in Matlab unassigning variables used to return memory to windows and additional computation to reuse them.

@Carl Love Thank you

so is there a way so say create 100 `if` statements nested in each other sequentially?

Also one last thing do you know how to apply two or may be more commands in a single iteration of single sequence call. I remember there was a way to do this something like comma operator or something i don't remember.

seq(?(command1,command2), i=1..n);

@Carl Love Thank you for the answer. I just want to ask one more thing,

is there any way to sequentially create if elif ... statement or even nested `if` statement.

since i want to check a sequence of statements but if anyone becomes true donot check the remaining.

@Preben Alsholm Thank you for the reply.

since f(t,x)=0 for x<=ln(b/K) is it possible to feed this information directly into pdsolve command so it produces a function which is 0 for x<=ln(b/K) and elsewhere produces the solution to pde.

In otherwords can i directly give surface conditions instead of just boundary conditions.

I know this is rather a stupid question but it would make the code cleaner since i have to apply some transformations afterwards to the solution of this pde, to return the solution to the some other pde.

@Preben Alsholm  Thank you for the reply.

so for example if diff(f(t,x),t)=diff(f(t,x),x,x) for x>ln(b/K) and f(t,x)=0 otherwise.

how do i put this condition in the pde.

@Carl Love Thank you for your answer (again).

can you also tell me how to do it with Statistics:-SurfacePlot since i donot understand its output.

@Carl Love Thank you for your answer.

if i aleady have [1,...,1000] stored in K for example then will zip(f, K, M) be faster?

also can you give an example of where map is beneficial in terms of speed.

i always get confused in terms of what to use seq vs (map or zip) to speed up code.


What version of Eclipse comes packed with standalone version. Also since i am using 64 bit version of eclipse, will the plugin work properly with 64 bit version of eclipse kepler.

i can use the save statement to export the variables content into an .m file and read it back when i need it into maple worksheet. But i encountered one issue when i read the .m file back into maple worksheet it loads the variable name with the values assigned to it, but it doesnot appear in the maple variable manager.

@Carl Love  I didn't knew table data structure manipulation are faster than Array data structure. Thank you for making the code more efficient. Its time reduction is apparent for larger cardinality lists.

@Joe Riel Thank you this exactly is what i needed.

@Alejandro Jakubi sorry for being unclear. AndrewG conclusion was clear, all i wanted was to know how to get the flashing yellow highlight brackets and they appear together with the flashing underline one. since for multiline expression the flashing underline sometimes do not work, i thought this flashing yellow highlight brackets would be easy for that case. i agree with you Alejandro Jakubi that "the same mechanism should work for both" but dont agree on "switch between flashing underline and flashing boxes" as they appear together in the video presentation Maple17IndustrialApplicationsWebinar.mp4


Thank You everyone,

If anyone do know the answer please do post it here

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