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How to add the arrow or symbol for the flow function ( psi[1] and psi[2]). I do not know how to use from fieldplot with the option of arrows = SLIM

please see the attached figure.

Thanks so much


hi every one.

in the attached maple file at line x=o in the plotted figure we have some inconsistency in starting the branches from x=0 and the branches do not start from the same value on this axis.

I can not find the problem because there are not any differences between phi 1 and phi 2! 

evalf(f1 - f2)= -5* 10 ^-49

How I can solve a PDE on two regions with matching conditions at the common boundary?

How I can plot a volumetric body with the coordinates provided in the text file attachment?

after finding the geometry curve I want to find the curve that passes through the middle source.


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