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Alex, I tried to solve them both as a system originally but I could not get it to work. I wonder what I had wrong in my syntax? Doug, Thank you for the two different methods, I think I will stick to the first one for now (simpler). I am surprised that there isn't a way to ask Maple to return the maximum of the solution for dT/dt. Then you would have to estimate off of a graph or use your second method. Thanks again. I case you are wondering, my goal was to determine that maximum temperature reached in a chemical reactor and determine that time at which that temperature is reached.
Here is the system: dT/dt=-125*dc/dt-0.434 dc(t)/dt=-0.01725*(c(t)^2)*exp(-2660*(1/T-1/300)). To solve dc(t)/dt, I multiplied both sides of dT/dt by dt and integrated giving: T=550.15-125*c(t)-0.434*t (To=300.15 and co=2). I substituted this expression into dc(t)/dt and using c(0)=2 solved numerically using dsolve. Thanks for all the help.
Ok, I have figured out that dc/dt=0.0035 for dT/dt=0. I have obtained a numerical solution to dc/dt using dsolve. How to I get Maple to tell me the value of c and t from the numerical solution for when dc/dt=0.0035?
pantole, I have values for all of the constants a,b,d,j,&k. I just didn't include them to make my question simpler. Does knowing those constants simply the syntax you gave? Thanks for the help.
Alex, I think that your approach might get me going on the right track. The problem is that dT/dt contains the differential dc/dt. Although dT/dt=0 where T is a max I do not know for what value of t that occurs.
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