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I have an equation that I'm solving, but I'm not quite sure how to properly use the solve function.

Here is the equation: w X v / ((w X v) * (w X v)), where X signifies a cross product and * signifies a dot product.

I'm trying to solve for the variable w.  How can I properly use the solve function to help me isolate this variable?


Thank you

I am currently receiving the following error: Error, (in UpdateTrueVelocities) unable to store '100*cos(20)' when datatype=float[8].  I'm not exactly sure why the Maple is complaining about this.  100*cos(20) definitely evaluates to a float.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.  EDIT: for some reason, it won't let me add tabs in my code.  Sorry about that.

vel := Matrix(4, 241, datatype = float[8]);

accel := Matrix(3, 241, datatype = float[8]);

I have an array of points stored in a matrix, and I want to plot them on a graph along with a couple other polygons.  Here is a short snip-it of code that describes the process:

pos := Matrix(3, 241, datatype = float[8]) #the contents of this matrix are filled out in the program


PositionPlot := PLOT3D(CURVES(pos), COLOR(RGB, 0, 0, 1), TEXT([1, 60, 1], 'pitch', ALIGNABOVE));

HomeplatePlot := PLOT3D(POLYGONS([[0, 0, 0], [.7083, .7083, 0...

Below is a small tidbit of code that operates on the matrix vel and updates its values.  When I check the values of the indices in the matrix, every single element, barring vel(1,1), vel(1,2), and vel(1,3), is equal to 0.

vel := Matrix(3, 241, datatype = float[8]);

step := 0.1;

vel(1, 1) := 5; vel(2, 1) := 95; vel(3, 1) := 3;

UpdateAllVelocities := proc (i, vel::Matrix, accel::Matrix, step);

#I understand these calls are quite pointless......

With a lot of languages, the compiler will issue warnings when the user does something that could cause errors. I often find myself mistyping or misspelling words in Maple, and this often leads to runtime errors.  Is it possible to make the interpreter issues warnings when I implicitly declare a variable or do something similarly risky? 

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