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Nicole Sharp of Frostburg State University (FSU) and Allegany College of Maryland (ACM), United States of America (USA).

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How do I format the display of numbers in Microsoft Excel 365 using the Maple 2023 Add-In?

The default formatting is inconsistent: displays as but displays as . At minimum, I would like all of the numbers to display using a consistent format, preferably standard scientific notation (1.27420168E7 and not or ).

There appears to be a bug in Maple 2023 where constants beginning with a Greek letter cannot be saved.  Assigning a constant to a Greek letter works in the Maple interface but does not work when reading an MPL file encoded as UTF-8.  Example:

read "D:/Nikki/docs/Maple/constants.mpl" :

MPL file contents:

alias(asec=arcsec) : # arcsecant

ζX1 := asec(1) : # first airmass zenith angle
ζX2 := asec(2) : # second airmass zenith angle

The constant "ζX1" can be assigned/saved in Maple but shows as unassigned when imported from an MPL file encoded as UTF-8.

Any assistance in how to use Greek letters in MPL files is much appreciated.

When trying to load/import/read an MPL file with Maple 2023, I get an error message of "Error, recursive assignment" which only links to a page which states "There is no help page available for this error.",%20recursive%20assignment

Presumably there is an error in the Maple syntax that prevents execution, but I cannot find a way to debug.  Maple Code Editor Diagnostics says "No Errors" but Maple Code Editor Console says "Error: recursive assignment."  The MPL file is 485 lines but I am assuming the error could be anywhere in the file.  Is there any way to fix this?

Update: I found the error by copying just a handful of lines at a time into Maple until the error was reproduced.  It was a typo of just one character out of 16,960 characters.  But this is very frustrating.  Why can't Maple 2023 tell me what line the error is on?  Is there a better way to debug MPL files?

There appears to be a bug in Maple 2023.0 (Build ID 1689885)  that does not allow you to access submenus when the window is maximized.  For example, trying to select "Insert --> Execution Group" does not work, nor does any other submenu (the submenu will not display and is not accessible).  The only workaround is to un-maximize the window, select the submenu (for example "Insert --> Execution Group --> Before Cursor"), and then re-maximize the window.  Everything works as it should as long as the window is not maximized.  This is on Microsoft Windows 11 with a 2160p monitor.  Any suggestions on how to fix this are appreciated.

From the Maple 2023 user manual for AudioTools, when I attempt to input:

Tone := f -> Play(Create(x -> evalhf(sin(1/22050*x*Pi*f)), duration = 1)):

I get the following error message:

Error, (in DocumentTools:-GetProperty) Attempted to retrieve property of unknown component Speaker0.

Clicking the error message in Maple then goes to this page:,%20(in%20DocumentTools:-GetProperty)%20Attempted%20to%20retrieve%20property%20of%20unknown%20component%20Speaker0.

How do I get a function to play as an audio file in Maple 2023?

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