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evalf(Pi*int(2*299792458^2*662607015*10^(-8)*10^(-34)/((exp(299792458*662607015*10^(-8)*10^(-34)/(1380649*10^(-6)*10^(-23)*lambda*5772.0)) - 1)*lambda^5), lambda = 0 .. infinity));

returns a complex number for the Solar radiant exitance in watts per square meter with an effective blackbody temperature of "5772.0" kelvins.

Replacing "5772.0" with an exact "5772" gives the correct answer though.  The nominal Solar temperature is defined as exactly 5772 kelvins whereas the physical Solar effective temperature is 5772.0 K (+/-) 0.8 K.

Is there a way to get Maple 2023 to avoid outputting these types of errors when using nonexact quantities?

I tried replacing "5772.0" with "5772.00000000001" and "5771.9999999999" and the error is not duplicated for those kelvin temperatures.

Interestingly, this error does not occur on Maple for Excel, only within the Maple desktop client....

Is there a way to remove a unit symbol?  "AddUnit" allows to add additional symbols or change the default symbol, but I don't see any way to remove symbols?

A good example is for the hectare.  Maple 2023 uses "a" as the default symbol for the are, except that the unit symbol "a" does not allow using SI prefixes because the peta- unit prefix then conflicts with the pascal ("Pa").  I can use "AddUnit" to change the default symbol for the are from "a" to "are" but I still cannot enable SI prefixes unless the symbol "a" is removed from the symbol set.  This way hectares ("hare") and petares ("Pare") can be used.

I don't see a way to nondestructively/temporarily delete units either ("RemoveUnit").  Deleting the unit "are" and then recreating it as a new unit with the symbol "are" would solve the same problem.

I just saw that there already exists a separate "hectare" unit with the symbol "ha" which presumably also needs to be removed in order to enable SI prefixes for "are".  This is just one example but a general way to remove units and/or unit symbols should be very helpful.

Is there a way to import an MPL file from a URL?


Using the "Import" command on Maple 2023.2 appears to only import the MPL as plaintext and doesn't recognize any of the Maple instructions from the MPL file.

Using the "Get" command with the URL package doesn't do anything useful either.

with(URL) : Get("");

How do I format the display of numbers in Microsoft Excel 365 using the Maple 2023 Add-In?

The default formatting is inconsistent: displays as but displays as . At minimum, I would like all of the numbers to display using a consistent format, preferably standard scientific notation (1.27420168E7 and not or ).

There appears to be a bug in Maple 2023 where constants beginning with a Greek letter cannot be saved.  Assigning a constant to a Greek letter works in the Maple interface but does not work when reading an MPL file encoded as UTF-8.  Example:

read "D:/Nikki/docs/Maple/constants.mpl" :

MPL file contents:

alias(asec=arcsec) : # arcsecant

ζX1 := asec(1) : # first airmass zenith angle
ζX2 := asec(2) : # second airmass zenith angle

The constant "ζX1" can be assigned/saved in Maple but shows as unassigned when imported from an MPL file encoded as UTF-8.

Any assistance in how to use Greek letters in MPL files is much appreciated.

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