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New student here...please forgive the intrusion, but I wondered if the original poster wished for ((i +- j) mod M) or i +- (j mod M)? It seems that you solution - which is a work of efficient art ;-) gives the latter? I ask only because of the formatting used by amrramadaneg suggests the former is desired...

In the the likely event that I am not correct in my interpretation, please be free to comment...

...and it seems that s,i,j are undeclared and automatically take the range or sequence of the array dimension declarations?

These routines are quite the ticket. Thanks for pointing me that way.

I am not sure what _EnvLegendreCut means.

I couldn't figure out yet how to get Help to work for OrthogonalExpansions. I'm sure that the Maple Help has some suggestions.

I was surprised at how slow it is. I am very inexperienced with Maple, and my impressions are not [apparently] accurate. I had thought that doing this in Maple would be straightforward and self documenting, as in the supplied PDF, but that is not so. The PDF is from another math package. The other program calcuates a 99-order Legendre series in ~0.5s (hard to time), and the method seems self-documenting. The Maple version takes ~18s on the same platform, and is a bit abstract. Though I /do/ like the LegendreSeries solution, especially after the unsuccessful work that I went through in my attempt. Once I get the OrthogonalExpansions Help working, I look forward to seeing what else it can do. after your reply, I went trolling for sampes. It seems that the first file that I tried to download has some sort of link problem. I was able to successfully l-click on a different files - one of type PDF and one of type mw - and both of them worked. Thanks for the reply ;-)

p.s. I then ran into a different post where I could not download the file. By chance, I opened up the thread, and found that there were 2 uploaded files, not just the one that is displayed in the summary. I was able to l-click on both of those files and download them, so I consider the display and link of the file in the summary to be a defect of the MaplePrimes forum.


Thanks Mario and pagan2722 for the replies. Of course, it is always awkward being the new guy and not knowing all this stuff. Maple (and other products like it) are so large that it takes some time just to get to a useful level of competency. I have bookmarked the online Help, and have already used it several times. I started out w M12 and moved to M13, then M14. I really didn't use the earlier versions very much because I considered them clunky. Maple seems to be a mixture of /really// advanced features AND some primitive and awkward ways of using that power. I am currently beta testing a non-math product w international exposure, and that company is focusing heavily on polishing the UI and how users interact w the product. Maple needs such a focus, IMO, else they would not have basic feature flaws essentially not addressed across 3 major releases.

Speaking of such items, I looked here for a spell checker and found none...?


 I reformatted your code as follows:

  local i,j,k,s,r,eqns,t,ISM,BChange,sols,l,S1,S2,C;
  for i to n do
    for j to n do
      for l to n do
      end do;
    end do;
  end do;
  for i to t do
    for j to n do
      for k to n do
      end do;
    end do;
    if simplify((linalg:-det)(BChange))<>0 then 
      print("The det is",simplify((linalg:-det)(BChange)));
    end if;
  end do;
  if ISM=0 then
    print("These two algebras are not isomorphic")
  end if;
end proc;

... and made some synxtax corrections. I am new to Maple, but the program runs on my system.

~Rich Messeder~

Interesting. I can't fit the original subject line into the Reply Subject box...

Let's see..."editor in the source mode"...

Input Format is "Filtered HTML".

This should be on a new line.

Didn't think that I'd be dusting off my bits of HTML...

...and submit it

That ought to do back to html view...



I tried this and didn't get what I expected. I wound up putting in '& nbsp' abd <line breaks>. I guess that the editor lost track of the <pre start / end tags. At any rate, thanks for setting me on the right track...

Let's give this a try here...
      give this a try here...

 Thanks for the complete reply, acer.

I'm puzzled: I see now that what I wrote is not what I see, so I'll try to fix that so that you can see what I mean. I tried to use the same fixed font that you used (I copied yours), but when it is desplayed, the fixed formatting is gone. I see the pre and /pre tags...all right, I give up! Why does it look one way in the editor and another in the forum? How do I get fixed font? I selected the text I want to change, and applied Formatted from the Format dropdown box. OK, I finally hacked it, but I can't believe that all that work is necessary. I gotta be missing something...

1. I found that I got different results each time I ran the document and changed things, which is why I was confused. If I do as you suggest and load Units:-Standard package, then I get consistent results, so that will be my habit in the future.

2. By "a value included in the numerator," I mean that I am getting a results the puts 19.6*kg*m in the numerator and s^2 in the denominator. This is what I see:Units[Natural][`*`](Units[Natural][`*`](Units[Natural][`*`](19.6, kg), m), Units[Natural][`/`](Units[Natural][`^`](s, 2))). I expected to see the number followed by a fraction that contains units in the numerator and denominator, not a result that included a number AND units in the denominator, and other units in the denominator.

I see this
19.6 kg m

and expect this
     kg m
19.6 ----

3. I found that this works

> unassign('m');

but this does not seem to reset m, which is OK as long as the first one works...

> m := 'm':

4. Thanks for clearing up the way restart works.

5. Thanks for the example of separating units and values. Although I may use that, this area of displaying and managing units is one that I expected Maple to fix by V13, inasmuch Maple makes a big deal about units and a professional looking document.

6. I was looking forward to using Maple for document production, but even though it has a most impressive UI and extensive features, its documenting features are behind the curve in some important areas.



 Back after a long hiatus, I thank you for your reference. It is just what I needed.


 In addition (see previous post), when I change the line to 2D Input, I cannot get Maple to spit out a line with the matrix and an equation number (label).

All the canned demos are great, but Maple is not ready for prime time if it cannot do these and other simple tasks. I cannot imagine creating the perfect document first time out, and that means editing and making changes. Maple fails regularly to make changes correctly.


Perhaps a more clear description and example is the best way to go. In the attached doc, the images are the same height as the 4 lines of text next to them, and the cells are just wide enough to accomdate the images.View 1292_$RLM Maple 12 UNH on MapleNet or Download 1292_$RLM Maple 12 UNH
View file details

In the attached pdf doc, you can see how the images are not the correct size. I can apparently change their size, but only by changing the width of the cells that contain them.Download 1292_$RLM Maple 12 UNH template.1.0.1.pdf
View file details

I am using this technique because I don't know how to format the images and text to look like this in another fashion.

The doc looks the same to me in print preview as it does in the pdf doc.


Thanks to you both for responding. This is it exactly. I am used to using e in other packages, and when Maple 11 posted results as, for example, e^(2x+3), I assumed that it understood my input. I'll know better in the future. The file name that I uploaded might be part of the problem with viewing. I need to think about special characters that I use in file names that I intend to post here... Scott, as an aside, I can't read or download the file either, so how did you get the equation that you got...? Rich
I am just beginning to use Maple 10. I picked it up because I wanted to explore the power of Maple and get good documenting on the way. I am finding the learning curve for Maple more difficult than for either MATLAB 7.0.1 or Mathcad 11|12|13. I use MATLAB 7.0.1. Running under Windows, it has a very nice UI and that UI can be easily configured to be convenient (for me, that is). I now run it with 4 window panes: plots, commands, code, and misc. Student version is around $100 USD, I think. I believe that Maple is more comprehensive than Mathcad, though I can't say at this point. Mathcad is very powerful and has a very nice WYSIWYG interface, something for which it has been well known. The student version runs around $100 USD, I think. It is, IMO, the easist of the packages to use because of the display paradigm. Kindly yours, Rich
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