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Hi, I am working on an excersise about surface integration. Normally I would define my Surface like this: Surface(
Hi, I am solving a question about derives. I now what's the value of dx/dt, x and y. I was asked to calculate the value of dy/dt. This is my Maple worksheet:
I have these equations.
I have following expression.
Hi. I tried to solve some excersices but with this one I've got a little problem. I was asked to calculate the area of a circlesegment with radius R and midpointcorner 2*alpha. I have chosen the straigt side of the circlesegment to be parallel with the y axis.

I get these formulas in polarco├Ârdinates.

alpha R
/ /
| |
oppp := | | | r | dr dtheta
| |
/ /
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