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Ocala.Church is a growing church serving the Ocala, Florida community with a heartbeat for revival in Ocala families. Ocala.Church offers the most dynamic and spirit filled worship, preaching and teaching available in Marion County, Florida with age specific sessions and content for all age groups. Ocala and Marion County students will be compelled to take their walk of faith to the next step with strong youth and college and career ministry groups. Ocala.Church Sunday School and Children's Program, King's Kids has become a household name around Ocala because of its involvement in area neighborhoods and communities. Each week, parents and children from Ocala area neighborhoods are ministered too and engaged in Bible Study. Transportation to and from Ocala.Church is made available as part of our community outreach each week, in addition to our kitchen staff serving meals on Sunday mornings. Come join Ocala's friendliest and most outgoing church. All are welcome to join. We're saving you a seat! Welcome to the Revival. Ocala.Church.

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