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Hi all,

I have a question concerning a 3d theory to calculate forces, stresses, deflections, etc. I am calculating a simply supported beam (a cylindrical pile). The theory is build up cylindrical coordinates; x and theta.

solving the theory gives me deflection in 3 directions; ur (radial), ux (length), utheta (along the surface). To plot a the deflection of the pile I convert all to cartesian coordinates:

> xcart := unapply(x+ux(x, theta), [x, theta])

Hi all,

I am new to Maple and I have (possibly a simple) question. I'm solving 2 coupled differential equation, it all goes well, until I want to plot them.

I have the output in the following form:

sol = {w1(x) = [ -a*x^4+b*x^3-c*x]}, {w2(x) = [-d*x^4+e*x^3-f*x^2+gx-h]}

My goal is now to plot the solution in 1 figure with w1(x) between x=0..100000 and w2(x) between x=100000..150000

I have searched on the web for a way to get the formula's of w1(x...

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