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I cannot install the latest physics update 877 even after installing 2020.2 update. Geting an error message will try to attach screen shot. Update worked fine on physics update yesterday. Maple 2020.2 on MacBookPro OS 10.15.7

Don't know how to attach screen shot so here is text from install window;

Fetching package "Physics Updates" from MapleCloud...
ID: 5137472255164416
Version: 877
URL: https://maple.cloud

An error occurred, the package was not installed: 
Could not open workbook: /private/var/folders/bb/1n47nzcx18v_l2wy573v7z0c0000gn/T/cloudDownload5932106080613470167/Physics+Updates.maple

Tried at least 3 times before 2020.2 update and 2 times after. Similar results (diiferent download numbers each time).

When I try to find the trace of the product of Dirac Gamma matrices with variable indices, I get a different answer than in textbook. The product is Dgamma[~mu]Dgamma[~nu]Dgamma[~rho]Dgamma[~sigma]Dgamma[~5]. The answer I get using Maple is 0. The textbook answer is -4*i*epsilon[~mu,~nu,~rho,~sigma](Levi-Civita symbol). I verified this using Maple with using 1,2,3,4 and 2,1,3,4 for mu,nu,rho,sigma. I think I'm probably the one doing something wrong. Maple 2019 on Mac with Physics package default standard setup.

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