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I formatted all the input math expressions with a different style and then exported them to create a style set called Mystyle1. However, when I load Mystyle1 and apply it to a document, the functions that were typed partially obey the style, but the expressions that were inserted through the palette do not; font and size are different and bold is not applied.
Does anyone know why this happens?

If anyone wants to test it, Mystyle1 and a simple document are attached.





Hello guys,

From time to time I use the procedure below to chain functions to the right of the expression to be evaluated.


For example:

(sin(x)^2+cos(x)^2)&/simplify                      1

For functions that work with just one argument, it's okay, but with functions that take more than one argument (like convert, subs), I don't know how to implement it.

0.76&/ convert(???,fraction)


If someone more experienced can help, I'd be very grateful.


Hello guys.
I want to solve Laplace's equation for a triangle plate, subject to the following boundary conditions:

For the contour y = x, u(x,y) =20

For the contour y = -x+2, u(x,y) =100




How to display the coordinate set that was used to create the following plot:


de := plot3d(y*sin(x), x = 0 .. 2*Pi, y = -2 .. 2)




In a physics problem, I came across the following triple integral:

exp := -sin(alpha)*i*r*(-sin(alpha)*cos(phi)*cos(theta)+sin(theta)*cos(alpha))/(4*sqrt(-2*sin(theta)*sin(alpha)*cos(phi)*p*r-2*cos(alpha)*cos(theta)*p*r+p^2+r^2)*Pi(-2*sin(theta)*sin(alpha)*cos(phi)*p*r-2*cos(alpha)*cos(theta)*p*r+p^2+r^2)*(-2+sqrt(2))*Pi)

`assuming`([int(int(int(exp*p^2*sin(alpha), p = 0 .. 1), alpha = 0 .. (1/4)*Pi), phi = 0 .. 2*Pi)], [alpha > 0, alpha < (1/4)*Pi, r > 0, r < 1, phi > 0, phi < 2*Pi, theta > 0, theta < (1/4)*Pi])


I tried to perform each integration separately, but got no result. Is there any transformation or procedure, that I am not aware of, to accomplish this task?

Download Triple_integral.mw

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