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opalcityview.tv - website chinh thuc du an can ho Opal Cityview tai Binh Duong cua Dat Xanh Tai https://www.opalcityview.tv/ quy khach co the xem thong tin moi ve tien do thi cong gia ban chinh sach uu dai ban hang du an can ho Opal Cityview cua chu dau tu Dat Xanh Du an can ho nay co quy mo 0 97 ha gom 2 Block A va B 2 thap cao 36 tang 1 ham gia ban chi 1 1 ty can Lien he Hotline 0902 957 938; Dia Chi Quoc Lo 13 Phuong Phu Tho TP Thuan An Binh Duong; Email: Opalcityview.vn@gmail.com; #opalcityview #datxanhgroup Dia chi: Quoc Lo 13 Phuong Phu Tho TP Thu Dau Mot Tinh Binh Duong 820000 SDT: 0902957938

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