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Using parametrized subsystems is the way to go and the selected example from the Model Gallery is a good one!
Notice that the ground connection point for each of the six legs is defined by "subsystem parameters"
In the case of the umbrella, you can put the entire model shown into a subsystem, define a parameter for rotation of the base, convert it to a shared subsystem, and copy 7 time, change rotation for each.

Check out: Help>MapleSim>Usng MapleSim>Building a Model>Working with Subsystems

Additional note: The system has only 1 DoF. Copying 7 identical subsystems does not change the number of DoF just adds a lot of constraints. If the center rod is rigid and rigidly connected to ground, there is no reason to have 7 copies from a dynamics srandpoint! It would only add to animation...


MapleSim include MSL 3.2.1. However the Fluid library is not supported yet.

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