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Ok, I was not sure.

Thank you.


Well, I have just noticed that the Modelica Standard Library is already there as @ThU has pointed out in his first post, but its models are not available in the Library Components palette of the GUI. How can I use them?


I have just searched for it and I have found some interesting libraries.

After that, I have tried the following. I have downloaded the Modelica library from that website. As it is pointed out in my first post, there is a name conflict in the Modelica Name Space: If I import a Modelica library named Modelica there would be two same names (one imported by the enviroment and the one imported by myself ). Note that I am not totally sure about what I say.

As a kind of workaround, I have wrapped the downloaded library in a custom package named "ModelicaAddedUtils" (so the model I am interested in would be called "ModelicaAddedUtils.Modelica.Fluid.Pipes.DynamicPipe". But the problem is that when I import it, an error appears saying the following:


(in MapleSim:-Modelica:-Interchange:-ClassToCLASS) too many levels of recursion

Failed to create the library


When I import a smaller library it works fine.

After some Internet searching, I have found that It can be related to the stack limit of the system or something like that, but I am not even 1% sure about this.

Thanks for your time.

Hello ThU. Thanks for your answer.

I wanted to use the model "Modelica.Fluid.Pipes.DynamicPipe". I haven't found it, and I've decided to reimport the whole library (drastic solution, I know)

My problem reduces to that I can't find that library.

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