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Our Maple lab are open book/resource and we are allowed to communicate to each other during sessions about how to go about doing them. But I never really understood how to go about these on Maple since our TA just began using Maple and doesnt really explain things very well so we are pretty much on our own.
ok, well that was a complete lie... I cant follow that forum about it.... My brain is just fried I think, I got calc final and Algorithms final tomorrow, along with this being due tonight. I got the first problem but the second one i just dont understand... when you say partial deriv what do you mean? Like deriving only one of the variables?
ok got that one.... "find an equation where ax^2+bx+c evaluated at x=50 equals d*x also at 50. Also, the slope of d*x will need to equal the slope (or derivative) of ax^2+bx+c at x=50." eval(a*(50)^2+b*(50)+c); 2500 a + 50 b + c eval(d*50+8); 50 d + 8 2500 a + 50 b + c = 50 d + 8..... is this what you are talking about doing? slopes eval(2*50*a+b); 100 a + b eval(d); d 100 a + b = d for the tangent problem, it is multi variable rather than the single variables shown in the examples, I dont know how where to begin this problem.
f 30prime(4) and ya, the second one does relate to the forum, but I still dont understand it, I attempted working it out and I am still stuck at a dead end because I have no idea how to use maple correctly
Let f(x)=a*x^2+b*x+c if x less than or equal to 50 and d*x+8 if x is greater than 50 for the first part
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