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These are questions asked by Ronan

Recently I have wanted to add some questions/answers to "Favourites" . I added some posts a few years ago. Now I can't figure out how do do it. A good example is this evenings question on setting up a library. How to install a library on Maple? - MaplePrimes

The answer has useful links. And this is a particular topic I tend to have difficulty with.

This is a just a general type question. Often reading questions posted to do with modules and packages I see "foo" used. I have put together some simple packages for routines I find useful. I am week in general programming knowledge. I would like to know is "foo" something special or a generic name used for testing? Is is an acronym? ...

I have a procedure where M:=[m2,m3,m4...] and I  assign the m's values from list L:=[0.1,2....]
The procedure will only run once. Rerunning will not reassign the m's.

What is the correct way to do this?


I have a polynomial in c & d.  I wish to extract the coefficients of lets say 3rd order i.e c^3+c^2d+c d^2+d^3. 

The polynomials can be of 2,3,4.. variables.  

coeffs(14*c^4 + 84*c^3*d + 180*c^2*d^2 + 165*c*d^3 + 55*d^4 + 5*c^3 + 21*c^2*d + 28*c*d^2 + 12*d^3 + 2*c^2 + 5*c*d + 3*d^2 + c + d + 1, [c, d], 'l');
     14, 84, 180, 165, 55, 5, 21, 28, 12, 2, 5, 3, 1, 1, 1


                              c  d

 4   3     2  2     3   4   3     2     2   3   2        2        
c , c  d, c  d , c d , d , c , d c , c d , d , c , d c, d , c, d, 



I was taking notes from a video and fromatting them in a table so I could pring them.

I an using the commands in the context panel to keep things neat.

I can't get this to work for the last row of the table. when I select the equation, the right context panel changes to information about the table and the commands for manipulating the equations are not available. This occurs on the tenth row or later. 

I have since tried interface(rtablesize = [12,12]) but that didnt help.

If I run the document I can get the 10th row to solve by displaying the output first and then using the commands from the context panel


2*a[0]*a[9]*c[2] + 2*a[1]*a[8]*c[2] + 2*a[2]*a[7]*c[2] + 2*a[3]*a[6]*c[2] + 2*a[4]*a[5]*c[2] + a[9]*c[1];
                     1430 c[2]             
                     ---------- + a[9] c[1]


solve( 1430*c[2]^8/c[1]^16 + a[9]*c[1]=0, a[9] );
                            1430 c[2] 
                          - ----------


a[9] := -1430*c[2]^8/c[1]^17: 'a[9]';


Edited:- to improve readability and add more information.







a[0] := 0

2*a[0]*a[1]*c[2]+a[1]*c[1]+1 = 0"(->)"-1/c[1]"(->)"a[1]NULL

2*a[0]*a[2]*c[2]+a[1]^2*c[2]+a[2]*c[1] = 0"(->)"-c[2]/c[1]^3"(->)"a[2]NULL

2*a[0]*a[3]*c[2]+2*a[1]*a[2]*c[2]+a[3]*c[1] = 0"(->)"-2*c[2]^2/c[1]^5"(->)"a[3]

2*a[0]*a[4]*c[2]+2*a[1]*a[3]*c[2]+a[2]^2*c[2]+a[4]*c[1] = 0"(->)"-5*c[2]^3/c[1]^7"(->)"a[4]

2*a[0]*a[5]*c[2]+2*a[1]*a[4]*c[2]+2*a[2]*a[3]*c[2]+a[5]*c[1] = 0"(->)"-14*c[2]^4/c[1]^9"(->)"a[5]NULL










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