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@rlopez Well I had always wondered about "unapply" and why it was called that.

How does one actually find out about these new names  / enchancements?  Are there others like this in Maple 2023?

I find the topic interesting but have not had time to explore it. I see you have had several tries at this. This is a link to a PhD thesis. Hope it helps you.

Creation of Hyperbolic Ornaments (

Edit:- I traced the above down from this question on Math Stackexchange

hyperbolic geometry - Tiling on Poincaré disc - Mathematics Stack Exchange

@Thomas Richard  Yes that is it.

@mmcdara This is a nice concept. Shall use it at some point. Meanwhile alll is working now nicely. 

@acer Thank you. Have usually in the past used "insequence=true". I didn't know one could just use "insequence".

I see what you mean on "animate" using non integer values of i.  Not an issue in this case.

I asked a similar type question last year. I dont remember all the details of how I got the problem solved.

There might be something useful in the replies

Select powers and coeffs on a general type polynomial. - MaplePrimes

@acer I never knew about that. Very nice.

@Christopher2222  Ahh... forgot about that.

@nm I juszt left the pc idle for 15-20mins. All the top row icons have disappeared. Just checked the screen saver which is set to 20mins. That app made maple go completly blank. 

  I have been having similar dissapearing of icons this evening. Moving the cursor across them gets most back, Also grab the Maple window and shake it. The seem to force a screen refresh.

Using Windows 10 and Nvidia P2000 card. Drivers are up to date. This is a Maple specific problem.

@Christopher2222 Thanks for letting me know.

@Christopher2222 I never thought of trying that before. Alas. Both the 2022 and 2021 programming guide are actually the 2020  guide.  So, hopefully soon.

  Look in the Resource Monitor and see if one of the mserver.exe processes reports Not Responding. 

@sursumCorda  That really helps.Works very well. Rather tricky.

@vv Thank you. That is what I needed and it automatically reduces the coefficients of the conic.

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