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These are questions asked by STHence

Hi all,

There is a state space system as follows:

X_dot = A.X + B.U

Y = C. X

The transfer function of this system is

H(s) = C. (sI-A)-1.B                 (1)

H(s), that is calculated in Maple by using the formula (1), is very complex (please see the attached file).

Would you please show me how to find the transfer function of the system? 

In addition, how to plot its bode plot?

Hello all,

I have the state-space form of a dynamics sytem:

X_dot = AX+B.U

Y= C X,

The initial conditions of the outputs (Y0) are also given.

A is 7x7 known matrix,

C is 14x7 known matrix,

B = 0;

The problem is that it's too long to write down every equations (14+7 eqns) and variables in "dsolve" function

Would you please show me the shorter way to solve a very large state-space system?

I really appreciate your help.

Hi all,

I have the following equation: A.X = Y

A is a 14x7 known matrix, Y is a 14x1 known matrix, and X is a 7x1 unknown matrix Would you please how to find the solution X of this equation in Maple.

Thank you so much,


PS: I attached matrices A and Y in this post

Hello all,

I have the following generalised algebraic Riccati Equations of type:


ETY - YTE = 0;

where A is 12x12 matrix, C is a 16x12 matrix, B is a 12x2 matrix.

However, the "CARE" function solves the different Riccati equation (

Would you please...

Hello all,

I have a square singular matrix E (12x12), and a matrix A (12x12). I need to find a matrix R (12x12) such that A = E. R. RT .ET 

How can I use Maple to find the matrix R?

Thank you so much,


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