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Thanks for the timely help.

But when I apply this to another similar problem i'm  unable to plot the graph.


Thanks a lot.

Please help me to solve the below problem.I dont know what value should be given to f(1) in Boundary condition.I want downflow curve.

I dont know how to clear this.

my file is below.


Thank you for your suggestion.Now i can frame the series.@Carl Love 


Thanks a lot

Thank you for your valuable suggestions.




Thank you very much for your help.But i couldn't make it to plot.I got an error .How to rectify this.

Here is a code. 

After changing sin(x),as you said I get the solution.But still  I couldn't plot it

 I don't know how to  take sin x  and  can you please help to plot this.

In my problem,

u(x,0)=sin x  and

Take,  alpha =1, x belongs to R.

Thanks,How to get 2d-plot for this equation,i didn't get the plot for the problem.I couldn't solve this.Please Help me. Initial condition for the problem is

u[0](x)=sin (x)  and

Take,  alpha =1, x belongs to R.

Corrected maple code is


Thanks a lot.Similar problem,I don't have solution for this too,please give me some ideas.   or

Can you give the maple code for Shooting method/ Kellor Box Method for this problem.

my code is

How to clear this Error.

My code is


Thanks a lot .Can the above solution be obtained for this  system of equation.But i get this plot.Is this correct?

Here is the code.

R,L,C,E Values are not given here.






@Carl Love 


Thank you so much,your suggestions are very useful for me,This can be applied to my problem.

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