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The following lines execute properly in Maple 10 and not Maple 11. restart; with(DEtools): DEplot( diff(y(x),x)=8*x^3*y(x), y(x), x=-5..5, [[ y(0) = 4 ]], y=-5..5 ); When run in Maple 11, Maple seems to be doing a lot of extra dsolve/numeric calculations and then just hangs when dsolve/numeric/SC/IVPrun calls external hardware nonstiff integrator with evalhf = true.
Why is it that there is an XML attribute that I can add to a text field to make the text contained within read-only, but there does not seem to be an option in any menu to let me select certain text and make it read-only? In older versions of Maple, I believe this option was available.
Type the following line into Maple as 2D-Input: foo := "1 + 1"; And then type this next line into Maple as Maple Input: bar := "1 + 1"; Yes, it's the same thing in two different variables, but try to parse them. parse(foo); will work, whereas parse(bar); will return an error. It seems that when the same string is entered in the "classic" Maple Input, something doesn't get tripped to convert the MathML markup into syntax that the parse() command will read.
I offer a copy of what I posted earlier on this thread so that it may be properly addressed (in the previous thread, discussion became mired in a debate over exact meanings of words in a help file): [This error] is yet another [error] in Maple's eternally bug-ridden Worksheet package. I do not know if this [error] exists in previous versions of Maple, but there is a problem reading in nested quotes. To see this [error], do the following: 1) Create a new worksheet. 2) On any line, type: "\"foo\""; This is the correct syntax for putting quotation marks [inside of] a string.
It appears that the environment vairable "_ans" acts in precisely the same way as the Ditto operator, "%." When was this implemented, and was it ever documented?
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