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We recently installed Maple10 and Matlab 7r13 onto our Gentoo Linux machine. We've gone through the steps outlined in "Configuring a Computer for Matlab" to get the Matlab link working. Both programs work fine on their own and when we load the Matlab package in Maple ( >with(Matlab); ) it displays a list of commands just as it should, but when we try to open a link to Matlab we get the error: Error, (in Initialize) The library matlink.dll/ cannot be found Does anyone have any idea what to change in Maple or Matlab to point the program towards our file? It is located in the $MAPLE/bin.IBM_INTEL_LINUX/ directory.
A student of mine recently asked what algorithm Maple uses to calculate Eigenvalues. So, I tried diving into Maple Procedures. For example: >showstat(`Eigenvalues`); LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvalues := proc(A) .. [error catchers ommitted] .. 17 LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-Eigenvalues(`if` ... end proc How should I interpret that last line? Can I get Maple to show me what that procedure does? So far I've no luck cracking it. Also, is this the best/easiest way of going about learning what types of algorithms Maple uses. I understand that some (/many/all) of them may be proprietary and the persons at Waterloo may not want the general public knowing them, but even an answer as simple as "Accelerated Newton-Jacobi algorithm" would be good.
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