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Thank you very much!!! I almost lost hope to solve this sort of problem. I tried out your suggestion of workaround on some similar non-linear problems (that is actually I need) and find it work as well. In regard to meshing, I just try finer mesh as a first treatment for unclear errors. Best regards Igor Shufrin
I am not glad to hear this news, because of I need to use the continuation and my equations commonly quite badly behavior. Any way, thanks a lot! Igor Shufrin p.s. I have some new post regards to the numerical Dsolve. I hope it will be a soluble problem at this time.
Yes both of them run in version 10. I only increase digits to 14 in the first problem. But, it's not run on Maple 9.5. The first problem annoys me more, because of I didn't find what this error mean at all. Thank you Igor Shufrin
Great! I check it on Maple 10, everything is run. Thank you very much. Now, I just have a virtual question. In my opinion, I have the 9.5 version of Maple on Windows XP Pro O/S. I am not so experienced user of Maple, so I use any default versions of .ini files. Does it make me problem? How can I prevent it in future? Could you take me some tips or any reference to learn it by myself. Best regards, Igor Shufrin
Thank you very much for your attention to my problems. My ODE system is obtained as a part of some model, so its view is quite problem dependent. The two discussed errors appear in different cases. The first one I meet when the system is big, and I don't know what does it mean. (The example is posted as problem-1) Regarding the second one: I tried you suggestion, unfortunately it doesn't work. I attached the worksheet of it as well (problem-2). I am very appreciate you help. Igor Shufrin (shurik is the webnick)
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