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@acer Thank You. You are great.

@acer I am unable to collect the coefficients of exp(-gamma*tau) of (3) of the attached file.

Thank you

@acer I think this answer is suitable for my next problem.

@Carl Love 

thank you, professor. You are excellent. I need another help. How to collect the coefficient of lambda and lambda*f_w 


Kindly share the final code of this problem. I am unable to find it.

Thank you


Can we find the exact solution to this system of the equation or power series solutions of this system of the equation that is f(x) and g(x)?

@tomleslie Thanks for your pieces of information.


Thank you

Why HPM cannot find to this equation?

@tomleslie Before solving the partial differential equations(PDEs), the PDEs are in dimensional form and we can convert to non-dimensional form with the help of suitable non-dimensional variables or parameters. I have attached the non-dimensional parameters in the worksheet. Here x,y,u,v,T are dimensional parameters. I want to solve with the help of MAPLE.  I have attached a pdf, the answer(non-dimensional) should be in that form .Screenshot_2021-06-28_172857.pdf 

Thank you

@ecterrab  Ok, I am trying to find it.

Thank you

@Preben Alsholm Thank you so much, sir. You are excellent. I will again ask my doubts if I will be confused.

Thank you

@tomleslie Ok sir thank you. I am extremely sorry. But your code is working so well. Can we apply it in every nonlinear ODE?

Thank you, sir.

@Preben Alsholm Thank you so much sir for explaining. But I have one doubt, according to our equation(ODE) when xi goes to infinity then the value of theta will be zero. But your above graph does not show it. Kindly explain sir.

Thank you 

@Preben Alsholm thank you are so much sir. I am not so much knowledge about MAPLE. Sorry to say, I cannot fully understand your codes but I am trying to understand it, and I will show to my professor, he can understand it.  You are excellent sir. I will ask you questions if I cannot understand it properly.

Thank you

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