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pade just denoting 

i required just vale of F(2) and T(1)


Sir, I apply DTM on System of ODE  then we get F(k+3) and T(k+1) called recurrene relation in this relation we varies k from 0 to infinite for series solutuion 

f(x)= F(0)+xF(1)+(x^2)F(2)+(x^3)F(3)+(x^4)F(4)+....

t(x)= T(0)+xT(1)+(x^2)T(2)+(x^3)T(3)+(x^4)T(4)+....

Here F(0) F(1) and G(0) find out from Boundary conditions and we assume F(2)=A/2 and G(1)=B

for finding the value of A and B we use pade approximation (this coding)


Transform Function 


I has to find the value of F[2], F[3] ... and T[2], T[3] ....

@tomleslie Thanks Indeed Sir

@tomleslie sir if we put different values of M i.e 0,0.5 1, 1.5 and 2 in the same graph, they should be draw in the same graph?

Thanks indeed for reply.

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