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These are questions asked by Thiago_Rangel7

Take the following expression:

Why does Maple simplify it to:

instead of the following, like the other math software does it:

While Maple uses , the other software does , which I find easier to read.

It's not a big difference, but I find positive expressions easier to read. Is there a way to change this behaviour or to work around it?

Please check the following examples, first without using Units, and the second using it:

No Units:


With Units:


Why does the with(Units) doesn't compute the value? How can I make it work?


I'm learning about simplifications in Maple and I'm trying to make it simplify simple trigonometric expressions like sin(x) / cos(x) to tan(x), but it doesn't.

I tried the commands simplify(sin(x) / cos(x)), simplify(sin(x) / cos(x), trig) and nothing works. It still returns:

simplify(sin(x)/cos(x), trig)

I managed to make it work using convert(sin(x)/cos(x), tan):

convert(sin(x)/cos(x), tan)

BUT it creates more problems than it solves, because if I have something like sin(x)/cos(x)*sin(x), I would like it to simplify as tan(x)*cos(x), but instead it converts everything to tan and I get a much more complicated expression:

convert(sin(x)/cos(x)*sin(x), tan)

Can someone help me please?

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