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@Joe Riel Trying again to upload. May have forgotten send on 2nd try.

@Joe Riel 

I  have since 1st attempt to send the example of Loop added some more code by (1) changing;'s to  :'s (2) cutting and pasting to a txt file in Notepad++, (3) cutting and pasting from the txt file back to Maple.

Strangely that puts back the ;'s, but that doesn't matter. It does work reasonably well and does not require. much editing out of results.

@Carl Love Thanks!

@Carl Love Stopat is perfect. Thanks.

@verdin  I would like to be able to do something like this to. I keep some devlopment and test at the end of my workshett and would like not to execuate them when running the sheet for results, but to have it stop after the results have been obtained.

The reason for this is simply so I won't have to scroll back up to the results through the various diagnotic test follow ons. Being able to comment these in and out in mass would also work.


@vv Thanks, that worked like a charm. -Traruh


@Carl Love I get it!

In Fortan 'subroutine foo' is a statement as is 'end'. The Maple way of defing a 'procedure' is a little different, but I under stand it now. Maple 'for foo do: .... end do: is closer to the Fortran syntax, I assumed 'proc' with 'end proc' would be similar paired statements.


Thanks. I just worked that out by trial and error, but didn't understand why!

It seems an odd syntacs as I would have expected a dlimiter after the proc statement is defined and maple 15 puts them in in most cases even if you forget.

However, it works and if I'd looked at the examples more carefully I might have noticed sooner...



@Robert Israel 


So I'm having same or simliar problem in 2015.2. If I declare a variable either 'global' or 'local' in a 'proc' it says 'unable to parse'. If I take out the declaration, it says the variable is 'implicitly assumed local'. This means I can't use 'global' variables which as a Fortran old foggyie I don't like!

I'm using 15 not 14 so I presumably shouldn't have the bug described.

I get my Maple using the SLAC National Laboratory licence and they do not have a newer version.

Is there some way to fix this? A patch I could install or get SLAC to instrall?

-Arthur Snyder, SLAC

test:=proc():   global y: y:=1: return y: end proc:
Error, unable to parse

--same message occurs if I use 'local' instead of 'global'


@Mac Dude One of you guys posted about the file I up loaded that it was all 0 bytes. It displays a all apparent blanks in NotePad and also i I move to linux and look at wiht 'less'

I haven't seen any other signs of trouble. The 'disk' is new, but I'll try to scan it with something. There may be an MS tool on the machine somewhere.

Thanks, Traruh


@Mac Dude 

SSDs require a capacitor and power supplies, which are vulnerable to malfunctions — especially in the case of a power surge or a power failure. In fact, in the case of a power failure, SSDs have been known to corrupt existing data too, even if the drive itself hasn’t failed completely.

So I wonder if this could be some glitch with my new SSD drive? I did not however turn off the power or loose power. Just went away and came back. The laptop had gone to sleep and I had to get in again.

Howver, the backup file -- also 'blank' -- was dated a few days before. Maybe something had happened a few days before. The laptop does crash occassionally. Maybe the backup got wiped in a crash and then Maple decided to use the backup for some reason? I certainly did not ask it too; I didn't even know how to do that at the time,

Also the 'backup' was about 1/2 the size of the 'blank' .mw file I found when I got back on. The increased size I would think reflect all the code I had added in those few days. I assume the backup is not compressed because being all 0 bythes, it could have been compresssed by a lot more than  factor of 2.

Anyway I'm going to spring for 'iDrive' or something like it, so the chances of such a disaster are much reduced. In the meanwhile I've been copying everything to GoodgleDrive, but I need something automatic (I'm not that reliable).




@Mac Dude I did have disk crash. The files were recovered and I now have a new solid state drive. I'm going to get some kind of automatic back-up.

However, all this has happend more thn a month after the new 'disk' was installed. Nothing else looks flaky.

All blanks: One of you guyes told me it was all '0' bits. I think that corresponds to blanks and that's how it displays in 'notepad' and also when I moved it over to Linux in 'emacs' and with 'less'.

Windows-10 has been a little flaky sometimes. Some interactive websites don't work in  Edge and YouTube videos could cash the computer. The latter problem seems to have been fixed at some point by somebody.

This might be an interaction between Windows-10 and Maple that one side or the other needs to deal with. I did try the corupted file in xMaple. It responded the sameway, but the files was, of course, already corupt at that point.



It's full of 'blanks' just like the original corupted file. What's odd is that it predates the original by several days and I was adding to the worksheet on those days.

It original was corupted over a very few minutes. I put my labtop to do something else, and when i logged back in and fired up Maple to continue what I was doing, the file would not load (in fact hung Maple), Even if I'd accidentally clicked on the back-up, I don't see how that could have infected the original. It never loaded. And I've done that before and nothing bad happened.



Anyway I don't think there's any point in yuo looking at the back-up file. It's full of blanks just like the original.d

 @Traruh Synred MAS file for another Maple file opens in 'notepad' and indeed looks like xml:

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Version major="2015" minor="2"/>
<Label-Scheme value="2" prefix=""/>
<View-Properties presentation="false" autoexpanding_sections="true" UserProfileName="Maple Default Profile" NumericFormat-ApplyInteger="true" NumericFormat-ApplyRational="true" NumericFormat-ApplyExponent="false">
<MapleNet-Properties elisiondigitsbefore="100" labelling="true" indentamount="4" elisiontermsthreshold="10000" ansi="false" errorbreak="1" useclientjvm="true" echo="1" imaginaryunit="I" labelwidth="20" unitattributes="&quot;fontweight&quot; = &quot;bold&quot;" contextmenusize="automatic" plotdriver="opengl" elisiondigitsafter="100" plotoutput="terminal" helpbrowser="standard" rtablesize="10" elisiontermsbefore="100" elisiondigitsthreshold="10000" typesetting="standard" plotdevice="inline" verboseproc="1" showassumed="1" quiet="false" errorcursor="false" longdelim="true" plotoptions="" elisiontermsafter="100" screenwidth="79" preplot="" prettyprint="3" displayprecision="-1" screenpixelheight="768" warnlevel="3" screenheight="25" latexwidth="8.0" postpl


As the MAS file for my poor corupted worksheet opens blank, it must be corrupted too. That's odd as it indicates it was made 2 days before this whole mess started.

@Traruh Synred 

o the file 'seies_MAS.bak' is there when I look in directory where '' lives. Howevev, Windows-10 search fails to find it when I search for '_MAS'. Stange. It does find the backup file for my corupted maple worksheet.

I wonder how mch else it might be missing? Windows also keeps previous versions someplace. maybe it's not find them either.




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