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So I left a small Maple file open after making a few changes and NOT saving it. No '_MAS.bak' file has appeaed. Autopsave interval is set to 3 mins.

I'm about to give up and start to reconstruct my previous work before I forget it.


 I@Mac Dude I did try to open the '_MAS' file in NoteBook. It appears blank there. I could move it to Linux and try emacs. The original, now corupt file, appeared blank on linux too.

I do wish I knew what happened. I guess I'm just going to hand-back up from now on. I am checking as to why I don't seem to be get backups very often.





@Mac Dude I never had a Maple glitch anything like this before either. Maybe it's because I'm now on Windows-10 which is not altogether ready for prime time.


@Carl Love I also notice that I have very few '_MAS.bak' files. In fact this is the only one. I do 'save' a lot as I'm working. Though was ;_( not making hand back-ups.

The other files are mostly small. They appear to be uncorrupted, so far.

Maple does not see the one backup I have...


@Carl Love 


BTW, the response of Maple to these corrupt files is not 'rational'. It thinks they are text (ok), but if I try to open them even with 'plain text' option Maple hangs. To get rid of it I have to kill Java script in Task Manager.


@Carl Love 

That does not work. Maple doesn't seem to see the _MAS.bak file though it i there. It is about 1/2 the size of the corumpted file. The 'restore' button is dim and does nothing.

I tried saving it with a .mw 'extension' under a different name, but that produces a file with the same problem as the original.

This backup was made on the 16th, so well before the corruption of the original, so I don't know why it would be dammaged too.


@Joe Riel 


I can understand how I might have accidentally 'cut' everything out of the file, but not how it could magically turn into blanks and retain more less the same size. I could perhaps to that in 'emacs', but it would be tricky even to do it on purpose.


What gives? I'll have to do it all over again. How to I prevent it from happening agaain? Is this a bug in maple?


@Joe Riel 


This means it just a file of blanks? How can that happen?



Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .



T;he file is not empty. It use 847KB. I tried to read it with notepad, but no luck.

I sent it over to linux machine. 'less','more' and 'emacs' don't show anything in the file over there. In 'less' I can scroll through but nothing shows accept the percentage of the file you have gotten through.

'xample' on linux responds just like maple on Windows 10. This file has somehow been corrupted.

Windows does have a 'restore' function. I tried in once, but got nothing different.

I've copied the file a couple of times and even tried to all it '.txt' but it keeps get mw appended. Making it '.txt' on linux does not hepl me viusualize it.

What a mess. So much work!

Dare I ever trust maple again?



Ah! So it is there. That's more like the kind of interface I expected.


@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Thanks. No wonder I couldn't find it. Unlike most histograms I've dealt with this one doesn't give you access to the conteents though it must 'know' them to make the plot. Instead, you have to, in effect, remake the histogram with the same binning.

It's siml,ar to how you have to compute mean and so forth from the input vector. Kind of the opposiite of OO.

I naver would have thought to do ?TallyInto. If I have a histogram that I let fill with the defaults, I presumably need to ffiger out what 'bincount' was used. That should not be so hard.

Again, Thanks. It's just what I need.


@Markiyan Hirnyk 

hAKUnder := Histogram(vAKUnder, frequencyscale = absolute);

 --from the statistics package. Just a old faschion counts in bins.

--Maple 15 (Most help seems non-specific)



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