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I found the page and downloaded its 500MB. It is updating now, something I had not seen it do when it was doing it before,

I suppose the automated download failed every time before,


Thank you.

So I am at least missing 2022.2 and not to mention 2023.1

Moreover, as I had suspected, the updates never really happen. \

For one thing I do not see any new downloads in the default windows download folder.

Is there a way to fix this?

@acer TYVM for taking the time to respond.

Follow ups:

0. The most important  thing I'd like to learn is why Assume (the way I wrote it does not work).

The reason: It is cumbersome to keep asserting the same thing at every step.

1. What's the difference between MatrixInverse(U) and MatrixInverse([U])?

2. If Assume doesn't work as I used it, then what is its intedned use? maybe using a simple example

3. If I denote r' as "atomic" then it seems that typing r' in the next line still returns "dr(x)/dx" (nevermind r(x) was never even defined) but if I copy/paste the atomic symbol from the previous line, then it seems to recognize r'. Is this correct?

@nm @acer and everyone else

Thanks for the help. I will also remember the evalc trick and use it instead of writing out the assumptions.

A number of problems were due to careless pasting in copy of non exectuable math, and also not realizing the difference between Cos and cos. It's still not clear the general rule for what happens when the first letter is capitalized such as the difference between "factor" and "Factor". I suspect the capilized name allows for its display without actually performing the functionality, e.g. to avoid clutter when illustrating an expression.

@acer  @Kitonum (and everyone else)

Thank you again for your help.

The missing * was the primary cause of the problem.

It was my fault for carelessly pasting in copy of NON-executable math in to the [> line.

I also noticed that I can pull out one tab from the workbook/document using the EXPORT function, out to a .MW file.

This will help posting the actual input in the future.

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