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Mr. Vogt, utility of any software is defined by its ability to solve concrete problems. The above library is useful for my problems solvable in Maple. In CAS I is not guru, but and far from beginner. Indeed, web-site

contains description of the Aladjev's library. However, it is essentially different (i.e. obsolete) from the latest version containing more than 750 procedures and modules. Enough in detail the library has described in the book presented on web-site

however, unfortunately for English users in Russian.

I work with the Aladjev's library more than half a year. I had downloaded it from the Russian soft server Really, the given means is useful enough at programming in Maple. It contains as the new procedures missing in Maple, and expands a series of already existing. In particular, for me the means providing compatibility of Maple 6, on the one hand, and Maple 7-11, on the other hand, were especially useful.

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