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Russian MAC:
1.000.000 visits during the period June 2010 to April 2011

From the work of the Russian MAC.
3.000 visitors a day, about 20.000 visits per day


Ukraine-2011. The State Final Certification in Mathematics

What must be able to solve a graduate of the Ukrainian school in 2011?
31 variant assignments.
 1. Assignments reformatted in Maple.
 2. Created an interactive...

 Work plan for the Russian Maple Application Center in 2011.

 1. Popularization of the new features of Maple 15.
 2. Popularization of educational MAC-articles.

 3. The transformation of the most popular Russian-language Internet maths textbook to the business card of Maple.
 4. Further approval of Maple as the best assistant in preparation for the delivery of the Single State Exam (Russia).
 5. Further approval of Maple...

One must agree with the fact that on the foundation of Mathematica created the most popular math encyclopedia.

Our response to Chamberlain.

I propose to establish a Global Practicum of elementary and higher mathematics - Mapler.
My Russian version already contains several thousand multi-choice programs with complete solutions, tests, tutors, graphics, etc.
This workshop will be an order of magnitude more in demand audience than Mathworld.

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