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my problem is probably that maple assigns everywhere possible the whole expression (cause its analytical)

How do i get it to calculate a float and save it as such?




Temp:=fsolve(xi_M[Temp,sig,interfaceenergy)=0.5,T, T=100..400])

whattype(Temp) ---> function

...this is part of a nested loop (2) so after some time of calculating maple says

"Error unable to store.... and then...

Hello again,

After i execute this code deltaT is no longer a Matrix, can anyone say me why?

(Supposing the first for loop only goes until 8 for instance deltaT remains a Matrix and the plot works so far...)

deltaT :=Matrix(1..19,1..6,fill=1)

 i := 0;
> j := 0;
> interfaceenergy := -1;
> sig := -200*10^6;
> for a from 1 by 1 to 19 do  interfaceenergy:=interfaceenergy+1; i:=i+1; j:=0;
> for b from 1 by 1 to 6 do sig:=sig+200*10^(6...

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